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FAQ: Welcome

How do you take payment?

I accept both cash or card, although cash is preferred.
For swiped cards, you’ll be charged 2.7%. For manually entered card numbers, you’ll be charged 3.5%*

Is there a way to increase my odds of being booked?

Yes! Im interested in booking tattoos similar to my artwork, Im VERY interested in portraits, gangster style themes, cool concepts that im allowed to play with design-wise. The more creative freedom im allowed, the more likely I would want to take on the request! 

Things I most likely will pass on (at the moment):


clocks & compasses'

st. michael

st. florian


color work

family crests

What are your shop hours?

The shop is appointment-only.

Appointments are booked via email for

Monday-Fridays beginning at 10am 

These take place out of


264 N Broadway Suite 202

Salem, NH 03079

Deposit Policy?

A deposit of $250 is required to book your appointment. This is deducted from the overall amount of your tattoo the day of your appointment. Furthermore, your deposit allows your artist to create your design knowing they wont be stood up on the day of the appointment.

Deposits are non-transferable. Meaning they cannot be transferred to another person, or subject matter. Deposits are for the person that books, and the design idea agreed on at booking.

You must notify your artist if you have a change-of-mind in subject matter 7 days prior to your appointment date or you forfeit your deposit. 

Deposits are also forfeited if:

Clients fail to show up for their appointment

Clients fail to cancel without at least 7 days notice. If you notify your artist anytime prior to 7 days before your appointment, you will gladly be refunded.

Clients re-schedule more than 3 times. 

Showing up to an appointment shitfaced, or falling under the influence during appointment hours.

Can you draw my design?

No. I never draw designs out physically. Drawings take me countless hours.. Id never be able to tattoo if I drew all designs! ... or eat, or sleep...

Previously, designs were sent to you 1 or 2 days before the actual appointment date - I changed this process as Ive had many cancellations over the years after Ive spent hours designing and stenciling. Due to this, I work with clients the morning of their appointment to tweak the design that I mock up the night before.

We finalize the design  together at the shop with you next to me! We choose placement and sizing together that day.

What is a normal tattoo session day like?

After booking your appointment, you most likely wont hear from me until the night prior to your appointment, I reach out just to verify specifics of your request, or if I have questions when I go to design. If your request seemed fairly straightforward to me, I most likely wont reach out at all. (Dont worry, I did not forget about you even if you dont hear from me!)

When you get to the shop at 10am, we will review my design, go over placement and sizing and typically start physically tattooing around 11-11:30am.

We take a break every other hour to stretch and eat. There is a refrigerator at the shop if youd like to bring food! I have granola bars, coffee, water and sodas at the shop, but anything else youd like, I recommend youd bring!

I HIGHLY recommend eating breakfast the day of your appointment, dont be a hero - no one likes to save a fainter. 

Wear something comfortable! Jeans tend to ride up, sweatpants are better options for the extremely luxurious tattoo chair you sit in for hours on end.

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