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I've been drawing my entire life. As far back as I can remember, I would find an escape in listening to music while copying pictures. I have sketchbook after sketchbook saved from 8, 10, 12 years old of lyrics, roses, and eyes - I was fascinated by faces.


When it came time to graduate high school, I found myself in a debate between choosing a career path centered around art, which seemed risky, or pouring my creativity into a Marketing field. In an attempt to choose a secure route, I graduated from Bryant University in 2011. I quickly realized that the office life wasnt for me. I found myself constantly searching websites and pages of artists who lived out their days doing what they loved. Inspired by creators, such as Charmaine Olivia and Jason Butcher, I decided to begin building a fine art portfolio. I felt I wasnt meant to live out my days staring into a computer screen, blinds drawn and uninspired. After two years of saving and building a vast fine arts portfolio, I took off for London to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship.


Living life as an apprentice is difficult, especially in foreign places. London became far too expensive to survive off of savings on. For this reason, I packed up my bags and flew straight to Southern California in January 2014 to continue apprenticing under Dustin Yip, artist and owner at Skanvas Tattoo in Cypess, CA until December 2014. I stayed at Skanvas Tattoo as a full time artist for two years before moving home to Boston.


Currently I work full time at REQUIEM Tattoo in Salem, NH.  I still draw constantly, and look forward to what my future will hold for me as an artist. You can follow my work, my inspirations and my life through my social media links below.

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