At the moment, Ive closed my books in order to keep up with communications with current clientele until June 2018. I will be opening the books for consultations around March 2018 for the Summer/Fall. Please email me in the form below to ensure we can reach out when that time comes :) Thank you!!

My process if fairly simple, I require a deposit of $150 to book your appointment (this is deducted from the overall amount of your tattoo the day of your appointment) - and further, to create your design. Due to my schedule, designs typically aren't sent to you until 1 or 2 days before the actual appointment date. Most of the time, I replicate the photoshopped designs I send, so I never actually draw these images out (noting this since a lot of clients ask). You would be able to send your feedback and I can alter the design until you love it. Generally I'll print a few varying sizes of the design the day of your appointment so you can choose whichever suits you best.

Most larger scale "pieces" take around 5-8 hours. A sleeve design would be completed by working piece by piece until they slowly merge together..  The skin needs a full four weeks to fully heal between sessions so I can work up against the previously tattooed area.

To move forward with booking a consultation, Id need you to send me an email at Ashley@Seaport.Tattoo with your ideas, reference images, as well as sizing and placement estimates. 



I typically wear my headphone during appointments, if youd like to listen to music or watch a movie, please feel free to bring yours as well!

Be sure to eat a full meal before your appointment


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